Social media has made the world both smaller and more isolated. Citizens in all corners of the globe are now able to communicate with each other in an instant but many seem to be eschewing real-world personal interactions in favor of relationships that exist primarily within the digital domain.

My objective with this project is to deepen my own interactions by photographing each person I have connected with on Facebook, thus demonstrating that social media can strengthen real-world relationships instead of replacing them.

The original, primary goal of the project is to make a portrait of each one of my nearly 700 Facebook friends while enjoying a personal interaction with them. As of this writing, I have completed over 225 portraits. Ancillary goals include improving my photography skills, experimenting with new artistic processes, and expanding my overall creativity.

Each subject is photographed under the same simple lighting against a grey backdrop. This consistency forces viewers to focus on each subject’s facial expressions and personality without being distracted by other elements within the photo.

In addition to these simple portraits, I also offer each subject the opportunity to create another photograph as a token of thanks for taking part in the project. While the simple portraits on grey all use the exact same lighting and composition, these secondary photos are all unique. Some are environmental portraits shot on location, others are improvised in the studio, and some are experimental or conceptual in nature.

Typically each session lasts about an hour, enabling me to photograph several subjects per day where geographically possible.

About The Artist

Photo by Jonathan Gayman

Corey Woodruff is a freelance photographer based in St. Louis, Missouri and working wherever his interests (and clientele) take him.  His bold, vividly lit images tend to focus on musical subjects, food (and the people that make it), and other interesting folks.

In 2012 he marked Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday by creating a series of portraits illustrating Guthrie’s famous list of “New Years Rulin’s”.  The Kickstarter-supported project culminated in a series of exhibits and a fundraising concert to benefit the Folk School of St. Louis.

You can contact Corey or view his other work via his website or on social media.

Instagram: @allofthefaces & @coreywoodruff

Twitter: @coreywoodruff

Facebook: /allofthefaces